Sunday, January 27, 2013

“I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

If you do realize on the title of this blog post, it is a quote from Chanel head designer and creative designer - Karl Lagerfeld. I do agree a lot on what he say, because I do also believe that the awkwardness and strangeness of every individual is an unique beauty that we possess inside.  If everything beauty is the same, it will be to standardize and not special at all. 

So for today outfit, I wanted to have the strange feeling, something different from normal. As you can see, I matched a black Karl Lagerfeld printed singlet with my denim shirt. Yes, I choose singlet again because the weather here in Malaysia is seriously heating up, so for this few days I have been wearing clothes that are thin and also comfortable. So what will be better than wearing a singlet? haha... Because I wanted some layering, denim shirt will be my best choice that I can find in my wardrobe to match with black ( mostly anything can be match with black, LOL). It is also because as I stated in my previous post, denim is always in trend. 

 I am also loving my new bleach jeans that matched this outfit perfectly. I have been searching so many places for prints pants, but unfortunately I still can't find one that is desirable. So I guess this bleach jeans is one great alternative because it is so vibrant which makes the whole outfit stood out. For a more cohesive look for this coordinate, I also matched it with a blue shoe to make a great match with my blue denim shirt and jeans I'm wearing above. 

Large round shades that I got it from Bangkok, don't you think that there is some weirdness and strangeness hidden behind? XD

Accessories of the day ( and yeah, it's from Bangkok too) things are just too cheap there. LOL  

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