Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hansel and Gretel in cinemas 24 January 2013

A big thank you to ChurpChurp again for having me at Hansel and Gretel movie premiere a few days ago. If you all know, Hansel and Gretel is actually a fairy tale where two siblings were lost in the woods and they found this candy house. Out of curiosity, they went in the house and realize that it was a witch house and then they were caught. When the witch were trying to cook them, they free themselves and kill the witch by burning her. But for this movie, there is a new twist for this classic tale where Hansel and Gretel grown up became bounty hunters who track and kill witches all over the world.The siblings has to face a new form of evil and also find out their secret identity in the end.

After watching this movie, I realize that the duration was very short, as it was only for an hour and half. Although the pace of the storyline is quite fast, but it was quite entertaining watching the siblings killing and hunting down witch and also many blood splashing.

So this was my ootd. Knitted mickey mouse hoodie sweater and ragged jeans both from Bangkok.(i am not a fan of mickey mouse, but this hoodie sweater looks cute ^^) I have this cute little devil snapback on too because I was too lazy to wax my hair and I like to feel comfortable whenever I'm watching a movie. :) What a great alternative XD


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