Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hello Purple

Okay, it is so late now, but I suddenly have the eager to blog about my new hair colour. Finally had my hair cut and dyed my hair yesterday. It has been so long since the last time I dye my hair, I think it has been around 4 months. My hair is totally in an UGLY condition because I hate looking at my black roots coming out. My hair is also getting longer, which makes my fringe irritating my eyes everyday, and I really can't stand it. Finally had the time yesterday, went to the saloon and bye bye long fringe and ugly hair colour. 

So I decided to cut my hair short. As short as how it was when I was in high school. It is really funny sometimes, when people likes to do things the opposite. When I was in high school, we have to keep our hair short, but we like to  disobey rules and keep it long until the discipline teacher will catch us, and only then we are willing to cut it. But for now, I can keep my hair long, but I decided to cut it short because I feel that it is more tidy and I will look more fresh. This is how funny human's mindset is, we always like to challenge the status quo. 

So back to my hair, I cut it short and the colour that I choose is purple!! Yes, purple is just an amazing colour to be on your head, but because I do not want to bleach my hair anymore(FYI, I have bleach my hair for N times), so I chose the bright purple which I know will eventually end up not so bright. 

After an hour, the final outcome of my hair is....yeah, not so purple. LOL. Because I have black roots, so it is harder for the colour to be bright, yet resulting it to be light brown and only the tip of my hair which is gold in colour before I dye is purple. The total outcome of my hair colour is actually unbalance, because it was unbalance before I dye it. If I have choose to bleach my whole head, the outcome will be better, but I just don't want to hurt "it" (my hair) anymore!! HAHAHAHA.....

Overall, I am still satisfied with the outcome, at least it is not the normal brown. You can still see purple on the top of my head. :)

So, this is the purple.

As you can see, the root is not purple. :(
At least the top is purple. And there is also visible brown colour hair, it's 2 tone :)
So that's it for this short update on my hair. It's 2.50am now, I guess it's time to say good night :)         

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