Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas at KL

Hooray, December is finally here, which means Christmas is just around the corner. My favourite season throughout the years is Christmas, I have no idea why I have a special love towards it, but it just gives me some calm and peaceful feeling when I hear Christmas songs. One of the thing that I like to do during this season is, taking pictures. Yes, I do love taking picture everyday but I love to take pictures with all the Christmas decoration in the mall. I would go to every major mall in KL area and take pictures of their decorations. 

So for my first stop for this year, I went to Pavilion KL. I was looking forward towards their deco, because it is one of the luxurious mall that is located in the middle of KL and also because their decorations last year was quite attractive.

As for this year, I think their theme is golden palace. I am not sure, but maybe because there is red carpet, golden carriage and lots of golden ornaments. When u walk in to the entrance, there will be like a golden gate, (it's not really a gate, but idk what is it called), so yeah, and then it's like a small garden with Christmas tree and golden decoration, of course not missing there is also many poinsettia (it is the red Christmas flower). That's all I can describe, look at the pictures. 

The entrance, with the golden "gate".

The golden palace theme. What do you think of this year Christmas Deco in Pavilion? Loving the carriage?

In the middle, there is this railway, where people could take a train ride. But I think you have to pay for it, or spend some minimum amount in the mall.
Santa Claus's sleigh with the red reindeer. But where is Santa? LOL
Some pictures that I took, I love Christmas.
Last but not least, my OOTD. DIY spike jacket with shirt from Bangkok matched with leather pants and white high cut boots.

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