Saturday, December 15, 2012

BMC 2012 Pool Party

It's already December now, and Sem 2 is going to end soon. So glad that our class had a party before our final exam, a party that made everyone together as a whole. Indeed when Sem 2 started, I was not familiar with all of my classmates because it was such a huge class with more than 150 people. Luckily there was performing arts, I could really say that this subject made all of us to know each other more. Because of the random group that we were form each week to dance or perform, the time spend together to practice made our relationship as classmates more closer. We started to know one and another and also started to understand each other more. 

A big thank you to Justin Wong and Karen in organizing this pool party. And of course every classmates that attended to make this party so happening. It was such a memorable night, seeing everyone getting wet in the pool and also having so much fun like there is no tomorrow. I really appreciate knowing every one of you that walked in my life during this sem, because all of you made every pieces of my memory filled with joy and craziness. I hope that all of you will feel the same too. BMC 2012 ROCKS!!

There is still 6 more days till the world ends, whether you believe it or not, who cares, let's just enjoy the moment for now, and let's PARTY!! 

Although it's a pool party and I'm all wet, but I can still pose. Haha~~

My lovely classmates!!
Dancing queen bff - Sabrina Wong aka Sab Sab Dei
From left: The vintage asian girl,Sabrina Wong. Me myself, Brian See. Little red bean eye,Ong Juwei
The AWESOME BMC 2012!!

Yes, we are young!!

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