Saturday, December 29, 2012

An End To 2012

Time flies so fast, the year of 2012 has finally come to an end. The rumours about the end of the world was not true, everyone have to just continue their life and same goes to me, and just welcome 2013 and hope that it will be a better year ahead. I really feel that this year had pass by really quick, everything that happen in the beginning of the year was just only like yesterday. 

One decision that I am glad doing was making my dead abandon blog back to life. It has now become an interest of me and also a place for me to share my stories and thought to every one of you. I am gratefully thankful to all of my readers that support and read my blog. 

So what was memorable in this year for me? The incident of my car accident is something that I can hardly forget. It was one tragic accident but fortunately I was not hurt and no one was injured too in this accident. My car was in totally damage and it uses 2 months time to repair it, and I just got my car back a week ago. But of course, there were many good things that happen in 2012 too. I met new friends, cope up with my studies and also party hard too!! I am also grateful that there is family,friends and also all my love ones beside me to share the joy and sadness whenever there is ups and downs. 
The damage of my car from the car accident that occurred during October.
 As for now, my 3 months sem break has started. So what's my plan in this 3 months? Seriously, I have no plan, but I hope that I could find some freelance and part time job to work within just to earn some extra pocket money. So if you guys have any jobs offer, do feel free to intro it to me or PM my Facebook page. There is one plan that I am really looking forward next month, which is my Bangkok trip. Will be flying to Bangkok for a few days with my friends, and I can't wait to shop there. After the trip, CNY will be coming and I believe all Chinese will start to be busy and also preparing for the festival. 

Few days ago, I accompanied Spellman to renew his passport because we are gonna fly to Bangkok next month, and only he realize that his passport has expired. It took us around 3 hours in the renewal process, and after that we went to One Utama to catch a movie. We watched "Les Misérables", and if you are a fan of musical and broadway, you will definitely like this epic production. 
With Spellman. The one and only pic that we took that day, and I admit I don't look good in here. HAHA
 My OOTD of the day. Galaxy prints is trending throughout the whole year, and yet it is still one hot item in fashion. Loving this galaxy print t-shirt to create the unique of my outfit, and matching it with skinny jeans from H&M. Wrapping up this look with my bright blue high cut shoe, and who says simple can't be nice? 

Galaxy printed tee with gold spike necklace
Galaxy Printed Tee : 黑街
Skinny Jeans: H&M
The end of 2012 is near, and I hope that 2013 will be a good and happy year to me and everyone .

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