Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jolin Tsai Myself 2012 Concert Live in Genting

Finally the day has arrived, the day to meet my princess Jolin is finally here. I have waited for so so so long, so happy and excited that I went to her concert last Friday. On the moment that I know she is coming to Malaysia to have her concert in Genting around 2 months ago, I had already been so eager awaiting the day to come. I bought the tickets immediately once it was open for sale to public. 

I went to Genting last week for Jolin Tsai's concert, and was really looking forward towards her great performance. I have witness her stage performance last year in Stadium Merdeka, and now she is back again to wow her fans with all her amazing dance moves. 

If you do follow my page or blog often, you will definitely know that I am a crazy fans of Jolin. I started admiring her since I was in standard 6, and since then she was my one and only idol. She is really a great inspiration in my life, because her hardwork and determination towards her career proves that effort brings success. Never give up in what you believe in, and have faith in yourself. Don't care what people dislike or hate about you, but be the best of yourself, and prove to the world that you can do it. 

Back to the concert, the concert started around 8.30pm, and she totally wowed all the fans with her amazing songs and her skillful dance moves. All I can say is, it was totally a great show and performance from her, and she had never let her fans down. The most happy moment during the concert was that I am just sitting so near to the stage, she was only like 2-3m away from me, and when she walked down the stage, I even had a chance to shake her hand!!! OMG!! The last time when I shook her hand was also during her concert in Genting, but it was back in the year 2007.

As a conclusion for this concert, it was AWESOME!! Hope that she will be back real soon.  

My happy happy day. Finally can meet Jolin AGAIN!!

My fan boy moment :)

Jolin Fans Club Malaysia. So happy that everyone is together to support Jolin!! Spot me?

Before the concert start. The stage is very small, but something good is that it is very near to the audience.

OMG!! What a cute expression!!
She is indeed very sexy. Look at her body!! *nose bleed*
Sexy back
Jolin Tsai will always be my idol.
See some difference? The pic on the left was taken a year ago. I modified my fans club t-shirt. I feel that the collar was too high, so bye bye collar, cut it off!  Haha. Looking better?

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