Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cold Cold Breeze

Time flies, it is gonna be the end of November, and the last month of 2012 is just around the corner. Sometimes I wonder what have I done till now, and all of my 2012 resolution, which one did I fulfill and which one could I fulfill it within one month? 

Lately I am just busy with all of my final assignment. When it comes to an end of the semester, all assignment will come to you like bees to honey, but they haunt me down. LOL. Totally struggling with one assignment which is Adobe Flash, I am really afraid that I could not finish this assignment. I have no idea on how to start, and I always need my friends help. I know that they are not always free to help me, but still they are willing to spend some time in teaching me. I am really grateful and thankful to them, appreciate what they have done for me.

There was one day, where my friend asked me why do I always just blog about my outfit and fashion. Actually I don't, if you do not just look at my picture, I talk about my life too. But of course, not getting away from my outfit. Lately I went to Genting, feeling the cold cold breeze made me relax, it was such a comfortable place to just chill. 

My ootd. 

Blue sweater from Cotton On with a white collar shirt below. Two layering makes the outfit not so plain, which actually added some "student look" within. Importantly, it makes me feel warm inside. ;)

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  1. Nice outfit! Your English is really really great!


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