Monday, October 22, 2012

Wild and Free

I think I am gonna kill myself real soon. I am so busy lately and assignment due is just around the corner. I don't know where the pressure is coming, but there is just pressure always surrounding me. That is why I like to just go to some really soothing and peaceful cafe, sit down, order a drink and chill out with my friends. Another pressure is that I am so broke!! I need money and I really need to find some part time job, just I do not know where to find. 

Having some really emo mood lately, and bad feeling about my life, feeling that it is so miserable, so incomplete, feeling that why can the power of controlling could actually tries to suffocate me. Why am I still treated like a baby bird, always in this little cage? Life is not always fair and good, but we have to make it amazing and wonderful everyday our self. There should really be time for me to go wild and free

Something very wild but yet very free. Really loving this big sleeve leopard prints top. What can be wilder than leopard prints? And yet still feeling so free in it because of the big sleeves. Because I have to dance and perform for performing arts, this outfit was really great as I could dance in style and move so freely without any restraint from the top.
Details of the prints.

Another "boom" element of this outfit is this black spikes shoe. I love this shoe so much because 1. it has spikes, has SPIKES. Spiky and comfortable, what could go wrong?

I was a leopard in my performance, leopard prints top and leopard prints make up. Dancing as a leopard was a great experience, and our lecturer liked our performance too. Check out my Instagram : mrbriansee
 Fabulous leopard prints big sleeve top and black spike shoe, all sponsor by: 黑街


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