Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mix Emotions

Hello everyone, I am back again. And it has been a very busy and hectic week for me. I totally have no extra time to blog, and finally now I have this little time to update my blog. It has been a very mix emotions week for me. If you do follow my updates at my Facebook page often, you will know that I have just survived from a car accident early this week. I am very grateful that I am still alive.  

It was around 5 something in the evening, while I was driving back home from university. I was already around the corner from my house, but very unfortunate while I was driving straight, and not speeding, but my car suddenly lose control and swing to the left that cause me to bang the car in front of me, and on that very moment the only thing that I know is I heard a "bang" and my car over turn for 3 times. The moment that I am conscious to open my eyes, I realize that my car have already flip over, and the sight of my eyes is cracked windscreen and people running towards my car. I was in shock, but I manage to climb out from the car through the passenger door which is above me. Although this whole accident is very unfortunate for me, but I actually feel fortunate that I am still alive here, without any major injuries, but just with some few cuts and scratches. Thinking back on the accident, I am also very lucky that there was no other vehicle on the other side of the lane where my car swing and turn over to. After this accident, I think that I won't want to drive anymore within this few months. To everyone out there that drives, just drive more carefully and always stay focus on your track.  

Total damage on my car

In the morning of the very same day, me and my group member did a presentation on a promoting ad poster and a PSA poster. I am very lucky and glad to have all of them to be my group member, because the outcome of the presentation was good, and good marks was achieved. I know after talking about something tragic and now talking about how happy I am getting good marks is very emotional confuse, but this is really how confuse my emotions were on that day and the whole week.

My awesome group mates that made this presentation AWESOME!!

My lecturer wanted us to wear something that is not so boring formal, but something that is more fashion formal . So my coordination of my outfit of the day was black shirt and white pants. It is very formal for both of this to be together but to add in the edgy elements, my accessories of the day and my boots were the tips. Adding more sense of layering, I matched the whole outfit with a silver blazer. 

That's all for this post, happy having a mix emotions reading!! :)

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  1. Lol if I were to bump into you at Taylors, I'd steal your clutch and run like crazy!! I'll probably try to steal your collar chain as well. XD Loving the whole outfit!

    ♡ M.May


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