Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gangster In Action

My life lately is busy, busy and busy. There is so many things to do for this sem, especially performing arts, this subject has kill all of my time. Performing arts indeed is a very interesting and fun subject, but yet very time consuming and also many many efforts and practice have to be put in. I have like almost one dance performance every week to perform, and all my time is use to practice, practice and practice.

We have to think of the theme of the performance, the choreography, the props, the outfit and everything. We spend time practicing our dance till late night, wake up damn early in the morning just to prepare on our make up. This continuous routine every week could really make me tired and exhausted. But still I am glad that this subject could build up my stamina and also the way I express emotion and characterization. Having different team member every week also helps me to make more friends, and to have more bonding with all of my classmates.

For this outfit of last week performance, my character was a "gangster kidnapper". Leather jacket is the most basic and common piece to show the badass side of me. Black leather jacket never fail to make people look like a bad person. Hahaha...

Do I have that bad gangster look?
Accessories of the day. Gold sharp pointed necklace.

Studded envelope clutch. This is not use in my performance. LOL

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