Sunday, October 28, 2012

Feeling the Fall

Fall is here, the weather is changing, but for Malaysia, it is always summer. It is hot and the weather is weird. Has been raining everyday for the past whole week, feeling the breeze in the morning, but at night, the temperature is just so hot. The weather is same like you, always changing, it makes me so lost in what your are thinking. I think I am just lost in fall. 

I like how special this top is. Black fur top matched with grey faded wash jeans.
The fur is very soft. It's like sheep fur, even feels like a toy poodle's fur. Love touching it. 

How can I just leave black looking black?  Silver spikes necklace was my choice to brighten the whole black top.

H&M gold cuff.  

Black fur top sponsor by: Babeyiyi boutique

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