Thursday, September 20, 2012

White on White

Just recently, I have been working freelance for a Korean accessories store in Sunway Pyramid. It was actually quite a good experience working for them. But the requirement for this job is that we have to wear all white. So I'm gonna blog about my "white on white" working outfit. 

My favourite colour is black and white, so I usually mix and match them. But pure white, is really not what I will wear often, and especially white pants is something that does not exist in my wardrobe. But because of the job, I have to go and buy a white pants. I believe that everyone understand that why white usually is not a choice,because white outfit do really get dirty easily. And especially pants, I have no idea why, but it's like the part that could be get dirty the most. 

So although pure white is not what I will try, but after matching white on white, the outcome of the whole outfit is actually not bad. I realize that white colour brings out the word classy in an outfit. For my outfit, I actually matched a white shirt with a white jacket to reduce the formality but to add in some young feeling. 

Loving the white on white?

Accessories of the day

So that's all for this blog post, no harm trying something new in life =) It's already 2am in the morning, good night. Hope you enjoy

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