Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's your brand?

Hello people, I am back again with my updates. Today, I had my first time in life dance performance in class for my performing arts subject. Luckily it's a group performance, so that the whole attention is not on me, as I am actually not very good in dancing and had never dance before. But after the performance, I am glad that the lecturer actually complimented on my dance move. So for today's performance, I wanted to choose an outfit that is more colourful and outstanding. 

For my choice of the day, I picked a colourful printed t-shirt. I really like big prints t-shirt, and this this shirt is quite colourful with prints of many brand logo. For my pants, I chose a bright blue pants to match my outfit. For people that do not really like colourful outfit, you could actually just add on a slightly dull colour jacket or cardigan. I match it with a grey cardigan, something that is more dull, so that it won't clash with the colour of my t-shirt. I got this t-shirt and cardigan from Super Style. Do check out their FB page. 

Colourful printed t-shirt                             

T-shirt and cardigan sponsor by: Super Style


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