Thursday, September 13, 2012

Snake Prints X Spikes

I'm gonna blog on the outfit that I wore for the Hennessy Artistry Party last weekend. I know it's kinda late, but I'm still gonna blog about it. As usual, I always have trouble in finding the right combination of outfit to wear for an event. 

 So this time, I decided to try something more edgy. Already had my ideal top in my mind, which is a white shirt but with snake prints on the front. But in order to make it more edgy and unique, I actually DIY some spikes that I bought from Singapore on the shoulder part of the shirt. But make sure that whenever you wanna spikes or studs your clothes, you are ready to accept the holes on it. For my bottom, I thought of matching it with a white pants, but after consideration I changed my mind and matched it with a skinny leather texture pants. Overall, my favourite is still the snake prints on the shirt, it brings out the wild yet unique look of my outfit.

DIY spikes on the shoulder part.

Full body outfit.

Spikes chain collar.
DIY spikes.

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