Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jogoya Dinner

Went to Jogoya Buffet restaurant that is located at Starhill Gallery for dinner last Tuesday. They were having a mid autumn special deals, which is only RM59.90++ for per person and offer is valid from 10th-28th September 2012.

It was actually my first time dining in Jogoya, and have been craving for it a long time.I heard that the food is very delicious and with many varieties. And yes, it's true!! Although it's a Japanese buffet restaurant, but they do also serve many other cuisines too. I really love the interior design, because it gives a more comfortable and relaxing environment to enjoy our meal. 

They served so many food, that I have actually forgotten what I ate and which is my favourite but I can guarantee that mostly all of the food is delicious. But what I like most is the dessert part! For desert, my favourite is the chocolate fountain. Marshmallow dip into the flowing chocolate fountain, what can be better!! And for ice-cram, they serve Häagen-Dazs and New Zealand Natural ice cream. It is totally a dessert paradise for dessert lover. Other than that, they also have cakes, pies, tart and of course Malaysia authentic dessert, Ais kacang. It was really a satisfied meal dining at Jogoya. 


Chinese cuisine- Dim Sum

Variety of Japanese cuisine

Chocolate fountain and marshmallow!! My favourite!!

Häagen-Dazs ice cream

Cakes, tarts and pies

Durian cake (just for vip member)
Enjoying my favourite

With Spellman =)

Let's move on, how can I not blog about my outfit of the day? This outfit, it's black. Yup,simple explanation. One of my favourite colour and also one of the colour that dominates my wardrobe. I wore a black shirt that have diy studs on the button and matched it with a black leather texture pants. To have a clearer look from the top and bottom, I wore a white belt to create the contrast. To spice up my top, I wore one of my favourite collar chain. It's a golden skeleton collar chain with dangling spikes. 

Accessories of the day. With my blue studded clutch.
Golden skeleton collar chain

 Photograph credits: Spellman Choy

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