Monday, September 3, 2012

I am back with my FASHION

Hello everyone, finally I am back updating my blog. I have totally abandon it for more than half a year, and I am really sorry. I have always no idea on what topic to write about, and is afraid that stories on my daily life is just to boring to be read. But now, I am back by bringing a whole new theme to my blog. The main topics that I will blog often will be my own fashion, yes, I emphasize it again, it's fashion on what I wear and what I like. So if you don't like my fashion taste, then this place will not be suitable for you. And of course, I will also blog about events that are interesting in my daily life. So let's just stop the craps, and let's go on. 

I have already posted many of my previous outfit post on my own FB page, feel free to take a look here. So here is my very first blog post for my outfit. If you like Korean fashion, this look will be just great.

Neon yellow print.

The same jacket as wore by one of Super Junior's member.

Today's outfit is a combination of a neon yellow jacket and an America flag printed singlet. Mix up the style with a cap or a shade, and this outfit is just perfect.

Neon yellow Korean jacket: 黑街
America flag printed singlet: Super Style


  1. ur all photo are so annoying in here or FB, pls dont act like a STAR, because u r just normal like a person beside the road. Just be "Normal" please~Thx

    1. if you don't like it, then don't look at it. I believe no one is forcing you right?

    2. #Anonymous Please thinks properly before you want to talking or saying someone.He had mentioned already,if you don't like his style,it's just simple,click the X,no need to heart someone or leave this kind of comment.

  2. 我觉得男生写blog很特别 :3 look forward next post XD


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