Monday, September 10, 2012

Hennessy Artistry 2012 @ KWC KL

Okay party people, as you know, the Hennessy Artistry Party 2012 was back in KL last weekend and was held at KWC KL. I attended the event last year and it was a blast!! How could I miss out this important opportunity to experience another magnificent party of the year. I am privileged enough to have invitation to attend this event, because only guest with invitations are welcome. 

For this time, Hennessy brought the party to a higher level of fun by featuring the Hennessy 360 Cam, as well as other interactive party elements; making it one of the premier party experiences this September. And the other highlight of every Hennessy party will be the all night long free-flow drink, where party goers can enjoy their favourite Hennessy V.S.O.P. long drinks at the Hennessy Mixing Bars, that feature the favourite drink of all time which is the Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda.    

Beautiful emcees of the night, Julie Woon & Nadia Heng started the party with a warm welcome,and yes, the global art of mixing party officially begun!! 
 The amazing line-ups for this party was:
International vocal powerhouse and EDM (electronic dance music) siren Eva SimonsEva Simon’s track entitled “Silly Boy” started to gain popularity on the internet and received attention from the likes of Kanye West. Bolstered by this initial success, Simons went on to sign a worldwide record deal at EMI, which led to even more notable records from her up to mid-2010. This was when Eva Simons & Mike Hamilton (also known as the writing team Topline Ink) wrote the song “Take Over Control”.
Jakarta’s cult-status DJ Angger Dimas.
24 year old Angger Dimas is the epitome of young DJ-ing talent from around the region. Commanding an underground cult following in the party scene of South East Asia’s largest metropolis, Dimas started out young by picking up the guitar at the tender age of 7. His pursuit of creating electronic dance music (EDM) began 3 years ago when he debuted his DJ-ing career in 2009.

Kuala Lumpur’s fast-rising electronic dance nu-breeds B.A.T.E. (Brain And The Eye).
Despite being relatively new, B.A.T.E. are no strangers to Kuala Lumpur party goers. The duo is frequently spotted tearing up the decks at various nightspots around the city such as Barsonic at Zouk, Vertigo, LUST, Bakita and Bedroom.
Hard-hitting, hipster-worshipped duo Mr.Nasty & GuruGuru (a.k.a. Bass Agents).
Infamous household names of the Kuala Lumpur party scene, Nasty and GuruGuru who come together as the Bass Agents need no introduction. Anchoring the hipster continent of Zouk Club KL, with their monthly residency at Basonic, the Bass Agents have well established their mark in the region with their complex and edgy lashings of electro, hard trance and hard style.
Enough of introduction, feel the atmosphere through the pictures. 
The entrance.

2 level party ground.
Hennessy V.S.O.P
Fashionista Miss.Amanda Liu
Spellman Choy
Zac Ong
With Cecila and Spellman
From left: Kent, Emilie, Yan, Me,Cecelia

 It was an amazing night, and the party ended around 2am. A warm reminder to all party people, please drink responsibly. You drink, don't drive. You drive, don't drink. As simple as that. Looking forward for my exciting party from Hennessy in the future!!


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