Saturday, September 29, 2012

Denim Never Dies

Denim fashion is something that has lasted for more than half a century, and yet is still one of the leading fashion outfit. I can just say that denim never dies. There's a reason why denim never seems to go out of fashion.It's among the most versatile and practical fabrics, beloved in its time by soldiers, railway workers and, of course, since the mid-1950s, by any fashion follower worth his or her credentials.

For my recent outfit, I have matched denim with denim. I know many people question, won't it be weird to match denim with denim? For me, the answer is NO. I believe that there is no rules in fashion, but how your personality brings it. There is always something different to create fashion. 

By knowing that denim fashion will never fade, I have always love denim outfit. It is casual and comfortable, and most importantly still fashionable. I have matched a bleached grey denim top with a denim pants. I like the bleached denim top because it will have a contrast from darker to lighter colour, which makes the top not so boring. 

some weird expression

If you do read my blog often, you will know that I'm a spike addict. So how can I not spice up this outfit with some spikes. 

diy some spikes on the upper arm area of the denim shirt        
 Another thing that I am going to introduce is my newly spiked bag. I really like to diy spikes and studs on most of my outfit and accessories. And I like how I changed this normal looking black bag to something that has a more distinct style. A reminder to anyone of you that do diy on spikes and studs too, you must be extra careful while you are poking the hole or even screwing the spikes. I hurt myself because of spiking this bag.

My newly spiked bag  

accessories of the day

That's all for this outfit post, as a conclusion, you could buy a denim top or jeans, wear it as fashionable as you can now. Keep it for 10-20 years, and then yet still wearing it fashionably. Denim fashion never fade.

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