Friday, March 30, 2012

We Not Naughty 孩子不坏

As you all know, director Jack Neo has a new film call "We Not Naughty" and I am honored to be invited by MM2 entertainment to attend their movie gala premiere. I attended the premiere night yesterday at GSC Tropicana City Mall. Was glad that all the main actor appear and there was a short interview session with the stars before the movie starts.

I am actually looking forward in watching this movie since last year, because one of the setting of the movie was filmed in Taylor's University and I actually participated in one scene. So yeah, finally it's movie time. If you are Jack Neo's movie fans, you will realize that every movie of his transmit a very important message of life, and the content of the movie is always very educating and meaningful.

For this movie, it also consists an important message of life. After watching this movie, the main idea that I receive is that every child is not born naughty. Although everyone has their own personality, but what form them is the environment and how they are brought up. As a teenager or as a child, we should not blame anyone for what they made you or how they made you. We have our own responsibility, and we should know how to think for our own future. Don't waste our life, don't throw our future.

And yeah, another part that I was very excited in the cinema is that I saw myself in the big screen. It is somehow very unbelievable, that I have the chance to appear. Although it was only for a few second, and we filmed for like a few hours for that scene, but yet I am satisfied. So do support this movie that is gonna be in Malaysia's cinema on the 5th April 2012, enjoy the movie and try to spot me in that few second. Haha.

At GSC Tropicana City Mall

Movie tickets, first to watch in Malaysia. =)

Interview session with the director and actors.

In cinemas 5th April 2012!!


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