Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Party Rock Weekend!!

Okay peeps, as you all know I am currently having my break and working part time. So frankly speaking, my holiday is actually kinda boring with work time that fills in all my timetable. Really hope that the 16th come as soon as possible, because that will be my last day of work, and yes 2 weeks of relaxation then its back to class.

Was actually planning to cut and dye my hair after the 16th, because if I dye it now and I am working, who will see right? But this week, me and my friends plan to club at Vertigo@The Gardens on Friday, so with my ugly black roots coming out and messy thick hair, I really can't resist to give it a cut and dye a new colour. So I went to the saloon on Wednesday, and finally bye bye thick hair and bye bye black roots. Did nothing much with the hairstyle, just trim a little, but shave both side to balance it up. And for the colour, actually I wanted a very light brown, but as always, what I expect wont come out as satisfied, so the outcome for my hair colour is just not a very dark brown yet not a very light brown. Haha.

Here are some pictures on my new hairstyle, there are two ways that I can style it.

The 2 styles. Which one do you prefer? And this is the colour.

Vintage hairstyle. With this hairstyle, I really don't look like 19y/o.
And yes, my fringe is still long. =)

Last Friday night, was party rock weekend!! Went to Vertigo@The Gardens to club. It has been a long time since my last clubbing session. All of us had really great fun, I like the music and the environment, its so much better compare to those "lala" and "dao gei" club. Although the place is not really big compare to Zouk (duh..of course), but there is enough place for us to rock the dance floor. One of my friend got drunk as usual, so I hope that next time, you (you know I am mentioning you) don't drink too much. What to say, it was a fun, dancing, hot, drunk, party night!!
Picture time!!

My vampire look of the night.

The drunk boy. Reddest face. LOL

My dancing king of the night, Xiao Lun
Julian Chong
Met my classmate, Jason Loo
Sexy girl, Ewon
Drunk siblings? We are not drunk, I am just red. =X

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