Saturday, February 25, 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog

Hello, I am finally back after 2 weeks? It has been a really busy week for me as I found a job. Yayy!! I am currently doing my part time job at Chatime, as I believe mostly everyone know what it is. Although I have to wake up early and drive to work, and be stuck in jam everyday, but it is quite fun and relaxing working with my friends.
With Sam
With Lun Lun
With Yoby

Actually I have doubted a very long time, whether to continue in blogging. To blog or not to blog? I know what I blog is sometimes very boring, I talk about my life, about what happen around me, but is this what makes the readers all interested in reading, and to continue in following what I blog. Sometimes I have a thought to stop blogging, as I feel that if there are no people that is reading it, why waste time in blogging? I am really not sure, whether blogging my life is something very stupid, and why bother to blog about it. But, this is like the only place for me to express. Sometimes I am really contradicted, because it's no use to blog when nobody reads.

And yes, if you follow my page
Mr.Brian See , you will have know that I am really piss off and unsatisfied with the competition that I participated. Actually I am very angry and disappointed that I got nothing in this competition while I put in so much time and effort in collecting likes. But I won't want to talk about this issue here, because I think it will take me a few pages in complaining. No use crying over spilled milk right? So just move on with life, and just take it as a challenge and learn over mistake. Although it's not my wrong. And I know because of this issue, it has cause many conflict between peoples, so firstly, I would like to thank all my friends that supported me, and secondly, to all haters that think I am wrong and bullshitting, just FUCK OFF!! I know that haters will always hate, so just go on and I DON'T CARE!!
Haters, you can continue in hating me. I Don't Care!! ^.^Y

Have a great night and bye =)


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  1. which chatime r u worrking at?
    i always 'bong chan' chatime xD

  2. From the number of views of every post I thing you should continue blogging. I dont think you'll have lesser viewers than mine lor

    1. ya ma? a few only ba. but i believe you follow my blog. LOL

  3. dont care the haters :) live in your own life.i always read yr blog :]

  4. now only i follow your blog LOL. but you knew, i will always read your blog la.

  5. well, u should continue blogging!! coz u got many readers, may be they didn't folo ur blog or comment on ur blog, but they will update ur blog frequently..

  6. support you~ wait for yr next post^^
    u are so positivite-minded=)

  7. i am veey enjoy iu story ~ keep it up :}}


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