Monday, February 13, 2012

It's the end of my foundation year

Time flies, and 1 year had pass. Finally I finish my Foundation in Communication course last Friday. Finally finish the final exam, and finally it's holiday time. It's the end of my foundation year. Gonna have 1 and a half month of break, and I think for sure I will rot at home. Its only like the second day of holiday, and I am already feeling so restless. I really hope to find a job to occupy my time, but I can't find one. So not use to it for being so relax now, after a month of hectic non-stop studying timetable for my final exam. Really glad that I finish my finals last week, and I hope that the results will be fine. So worry for a few subject, really hope that I could pass all.

Sometimes when I feel so relax, I feel uneasy as there is no little pressure. I don't know what to think about, and what to do. I think the only worries that I will have during this holiday is about money. When I am free, I go out. When I go out, I spend. And I believe I will go broke in no time.

Usually most people says that foundation is a honeymoon year, because you will really suffer in degree. I am actually scared about this issue, because I already felt the suffer in my foundation year. Really hope that I could bear with my studies when I reach my degree year.

It was just like yesterday when I first step in Taylor's University. So afraid about this course and unfamiliar on this place and also meeting new friends. But now, I have already knew them for a year, and I am so glad that I found true friend and saw the true colours of many people. Learn lots of knowledge about communication, and also knowledge of life.

To all FICM March'11, I am really glad that we could have this opportunity to spend 1 year together studying, and to be treated like a big family. I am happy to have know every single one of you, and will never forget all of the memories that we have gone through together. I know that not all of you is going to continue your degree in Taylor, so I wish everyone of you a great success in future and hope to see you guys soon.

Some pictures when my foundation starts till the end. *memories*
1st month of foundation

Moral Community Service
Astro Trip

Ice Skating


Mirrors Magazine Roadshow
Last day of lecture
Last day of final exam

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