Sunday, February 12, 2012

CNY Open House

After my busy exam, I am back to blog. It is already the second month of the year, and CNY has just end a week or so. During CNY, spent lots of time with my family and the favorite part is of course taking ang pao.

On the last week of CNY, went to Mer Sie's CNY open house. I really like it when there is festivals or events where friends could hang out together. Still remember when we are all still in high school, and we will always hang out during recess and weekends together. But when all of us graduated from high school, we started a new chapter of our life. And it was then we started to felt apart.

This CNY open house, I felt that it is very meaningful as we could celebrate this festive season together and of course meet up with friends. Met up with friends that I have not met for months, and had a great time spending it together. Okay, there will be not much talking for this post. That's all, bye =)
My best partner- Pey Yan
It's Vodka and Whiskey
Mer Sie
Meei Tyng
Long time didn't pose together already

Ang pao

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