Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CNY is coming

Suddenly have the feeling to blog, and yeah I said I hope to be a more active blogger. It's already mid January now, and CNY is just around the corner. This year, CNY is so early, everything is just like rushing, there is not enough time for everybody, including me. So it's the dragon year for this year, ask me whether am I excited? No!! Why? Just after my CNY break, I will have to go back to uni and sit for my final exam. How can I enjoy my CNY break when exam is just so near.Arghhhh!!!! For now, finally I had finished most of the assignments except one video shooting assignment that have to be handed in on Friday. I really can't wait for the outcome of the video, it is directed and produced by me and my group member. Starring me myself as the main actor in it, can't wait to finish it and share it to you guys. =)

Time flies, I am gonna end my foundation year just within this 3 days. The feeling is like I just met new friends, new uni life, and now 1 year has just passed. Within this 1 year, only I realized I have done lots of writing and also presentation. Really helped me to build up my confident in public speaking. =) After our final exam, goodbye my fellow classmates, as we will major in our own degree. But I know that some of you will be taking the same degree as me, so we have faith to continue to be classmate. Hehe.

Last week, so happy to meet my friend from secondary school. It has really been quite some long time since we met. Met up with Peng Yong and Shen Yi at Sunway Pyramid and was glad that we have good time chatting and updating each other life. Not to forget, it was my best friend Cecilia's birthday on Monday- 16 January. Me, Jasmine and Kellie gave her a surprise early in the morning by going to her house. At night, Cecilia went to my house to celebrate with my family as my mum bought a cake for her. Once again, Happy Birthday Cecilia. =)
My long time no see friend- Peng Yong =)
Shen Yi and Peng Yong. Sweet couple
I am the light bulb. =X

Happy Birthday Cecilia

Really, that's all for now. It is already midnight, and I am starting to crap. LOL.
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